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Slam: Voz de Levante | Miração Films |

Slam: Voz de Levante


Slam: Voz de Levante” witnesses the growth of the Brazilian scene of Poetry Slams, performative championships of spoken poetry, since 2008. He travels to the origins in the USA and follows the Brazilian champion of 2016, Luz Ribeiro, until the Slam World Cup in Paris, representing a new feminist and black wave that has been established by the poetic virulence of the politicized verb.



Direction and Screenplay

Tatiana Lohmann e Roberta Estrela D’Alva


Tatiana Lohmann, Sergio Roizenblit e Humberto Bassaneli

Executive Production

Marina Puech Leão


Tatiana Lohmann


Produced by Miração Films and Exótica Cinematográfica.

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