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Sabotage: Respect is for Those Who Have It | Miração Films |

Sabotage: Respect is for Those Who Have It


The idea behind this video-clip was to be recorded with the rapper Sabotage in the slums of Canão, where he was born, and also in the cemeteries where his childhood friends are buried. Before their graves, he pay homage to his “brothers” who died due to their involvement with gang-related activities; sad but common stories in the poor neighborhoods of the city of São Paulo. But, when only the initial footage has been shot, Sabotage himself was murdered. The only thing left for us to do was to pay homage to him. The videoclip was one of the finalists of the VMB/200 from Mtv Brasil.


- Direction and Cinematography: Tatiana Lohmann
- Editing: Reinaldo Martinucci

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