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Renée Gumiel: Life on the Skin | Miração Films |

Renée Gumiel: Life on the Skin


Project winner of DocTv 2005.
Renée Gumiel, born in France on 1913, is the living history of Brazil’s modern dance. When se arrived in São Paulo, in 1957, her innovative work was not well received. Little by little, however, she broke through prejudices and, even to this date, remains a big influence on generations of dancing and theater professionals of Brazil. The documentary Renée Gumiel – A Vida na Pele (Renée Gumiel – Like on the Skin) show her unique personality and her career in Brazil, with a special focus on her relationship with the modernization movements in the dancing scene of the State of São Paulo in the 1970s: the Teatro Galpão, the Ballet Stagium and the Ballet of the City of São Paulo. This film also covers her relationship with the theater (specially the Oficina Theater Company, led by the acclaimed director José Celso Martinez Corrêa), in her attempt to understand how the acting stage transforms dancing and the dancing stage transforms acting. For Renée, dancing allows one to read in the body the secrets of the soul. By moving always toward such legitimacy, it carries within itself, going beyond truth and falsehood, an yet undiscovered part of our existence.


- Direction: Sergio Roizenblit and Inês Borgéa
– Cinematography and Editing: Sergio Roizenblit and Tatiana Lohmann
– Executive production: Marilia Alvarez
– Soundtrack: Benjamin Taubkin
– Year of release: 2005

Category: Documentaries

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