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O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia) | Miração Films |

O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia)


On a journey through Brazil, O MILAGRE DE SANTA LUZIA goes to the most unique regions from where the accordion became known nationwide and its greatest players came. Among such masters is Dominguinhos, considered by all to be the country’s greatest accordion player, who guides us in this journey in his truck, since he refuses to set foot on a plane for over 30 years. Through the accordion, multiple cultural universes unfold, showing that this instrument is one of the most closely connected to Brazilian emotions and traditions.


- Direction, screenplay and editing: Sergio Roizenblit
- Cinematography: Sergio Roizenblit and Rinaldo Martinucci
- Executive production: Marilia Alvarez
- Direct sound: João Godoy, René Brasil and Tiago Bittencourt
- Sound design: Pedro Noizyman
- Year of release: 2009

Categories: Documentaries, Feature film


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