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The Miracle of Santa Luzia: Popular Culture | Miração Films |

The Miracle of Santa Luzia: Popular Culture

TV Series

O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia), second season, is a series of 52 documentaries on Brazil’s popular culture, focusing music. These episodes are part of Projeto Patrimônio (“Project Heritage”), which produced the feature film and the first season that established O Milagre de Santa Luzia as a mark of research on the Deep Brazil, focused on its popular culture.

The second season is comprised of episodes of approximately 26 minutes, made with new audiovisual material. Each episode focus on one Brazilian popular musician: their activities, their productions, their references, their masters, the specificity of their language, and the relationship with the places they live in. Thus, other themes related to popular culture manifestations are covered, such as festivities, parties, and communities. That way, an audiovisual map of Brazil’s popular art is being created.


Direction e Cinematography
Sergio Roizenblit
Marisa Reis
Executive Producer
Marina Puech Leão
Tide Gugliano

TV Series