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Moacir III


The character Moacir acquired a certain fame in Argentina thanks to the documentaries that portrayed him: first in the neuropsychiatric hospital Borda, in the movie “Fortalezas“, and later in “Moacir“, already out of that institution, fulfilling his dream of recording a album with his own songs, accompanied by an orchestra of professional musicians led by Sérgio Pángaro.

Moacir III is a international co-production between Miração Films and Duermevela, from Argentina, which is a discursive balance between fiction and documentary. In it, we see Moacir’s debut as a film director. All these situations are interspersed with scenes that show the development of Moacir’s film, where we see the tensions between the character-director Moacir, and Tomás Lipgot, the documentary filmmaker.

The film had its premiere in Brazil at the 41st International Film Festival of São Paulo.







Tomás Lipgot



Moacir Dos Santos and Tomás Lipgot



Tomás Lipgot and Sergio Roizenblit


Executive Production

Mauricio Mancovsky and Marina Puech Leão



Bruno López

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