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100 Anos Luz (100 Light Years) | Miração Films |

100 Anos Luz (100 Light Years)


On a journey through the history of electric, this film shows the transformation from a rural society to an urban society that took place in the 20th century power, using 10 electric and electronic icons to represent that progressive transformation and the creation of the concepts of a modern city, comfort and entertainment.


- Direction:
Sergio Roizenblit
Screenplay: Ana Roxo
- Cinematography:
Sergio Roizenblit
- Executive production:
Marina Puech Leão
Editing: Tide Gugliano, Sergio Roizenblit and André de Campos Mello
Art direction: Fernando Sato
Graphical arts / animation: Átila Fragozo
- Soundtrack:
Noise Studio
- Year of release:
- Co-production with Instituto Artecidadania

  • 1922_00239
  • 1932_01089
  • 1942_01329
  • 1952_01730
  • 1962_02011

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