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Arquiteturas (Architectures) | Miração Films |

Arquiteturas (Architectures)

TV Series

PROMO. Exhibition scheduled for March 2013 on Sesc TV.

Buildings that define the landscape and mark the lives of their users have one thing in common: they are the culmination of a design often transformed by its appropriation by the users over time.
The series Arquiteturas (Architectures) dives in the daily routine as well as the history of 13 works of architecture that are marks of Brazil’s urban scenery, in order to draw a big – and innovative – picture of our architecture from the Colonial Period to Modern Times.
In each episode, one building will be thoroughly examined – from its original concept to its relationship with the surrounding areas and its users, including a profile of the people who built it and the society in which it was conceived.


- Direction: Sergio Roizenblit and Paulo Markun
- Screenplay: Paulo Markun and Ana Roxo
- Cinematography: Sergio Roizenblit
- Executive production: Marina Puech Leão
- Editing: Tide Gugliano and Sergio Roizenblit
- Consultancy and research: Joana Mello
- Sound Finalization: Noise Studio
- Year of release: 2013
- Co-production with: Revanche Produções
- Exhibition: Sesc TV

Categories: Documentaries, TV Series

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TV Series