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Arquiteturas 2 (Architectures 2) | Miração Films |

Arquiteturas 2 (Architectures 2)

TV Series

Unlike the previous one, this season of the series Architectures will analyze the relationship between people and the space and the different uses that the adaptation, the coexistence and the appropriation provide for the architecture. More urban than before, the current season sets new criteria in this debate, from entire cities to constructions that are near the end. The proposal is to put into question the relevance of architecture as public debate and as an important part of the social mosaic. One element that makes a building singular can also be a hallmark of many explanations of that society . The symbolic and human value of this art is the soul of Architectures.


The tv series Architectures is produced by Revanche Produções and Miração Filmes, and conducted by SescTV.



- Direction: Sergio Roizenblit and Paulo Markun

- Screenplay: Paulo Markun and Claudia Erthal

- Cinematography: Sergio Roizenblit

- Executive production: Leila Chagas

- Production: Marisa Reis and Renata Junqueira

- Editing: Tide Gugliano, André de Campos Mello and Sergio Roizenblit

- Co-production with: Revanche Produções

- Exhibition: Sesc TV

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