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About Us

Miração Filmes is a content production company that brings together almost 30 years of experience in the audiovisual market of its partner, Sergio Roizenblit.

With an extensive and variegated résumé, which includes TV series, Educational series, video-clips, video-sceneries, art installations, and above all documentaries, Miração Filmes became worth of the moniker “Films” in its name as of 2009, when it released in the movie theaters its first feature film. O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia), premiered during the Festival of Brasília, remained in the movie theaters of Brazil’s main capital for 17 weeks.

In 2011, Miração Filmes released its second feature film, Solidão & Fé (Solitude & Faith), awarded in the 2011 Mostra de Tiradentes film festival with the popular vote award.
The new projects of the production company are focused on cinema and TV, mainly under transmedia approaches.

We already made documentaries, TV Series, institutional plays and a frew others works.

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our team

Sérgio Roizenblit

Sérgio Roizenblit

Film direction, cinematography, screenplay and editing

Documentary film maker since 1988. Sérgio Roizenblit created his first video production company, Rec Play, 15 years ago. Since then, and now with Miração Filmes, he has produced numerous audiovisual works, from installations to TV shows, from video-clips to video-sceneries, from service sector production to his first feature film, which was released in the theaters in 2009.

The movie, O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia), was well received by the audiences and the critics and was exhibited for 17 weeks in Brazil’s main capitals. And it bore fruit: the TV O Milagre de Santa Luzia, produced by Instituto Peabirus.

Marina Puech Leão

Coordinator of the production department

With almost 15 years of experience, Marina participated in the production of important movies of the Brazilian movie industry, such as Lina Chamie’s “A Via Láctea”, Laís Bodanzky’s “Chega de Saudade”, Heitor Dhalia’s “Nina”, Ricardo Elias’s “Os Doze Trabalhos”, Lírio Ferreira’s “Árido Movie”, among other, in addition to TV series (such as Hector Babenco’s “Carandiru – Outras Histórias”), advertisement films and documentaries (“Raul Seixas, o Início, o Fim and o Meio”, “Marighella”, among others).

She now coordinates the production department of Miração Filmes, following the projects in all of their phases.

Some of the works of Marina Puech Leão

Chega de Saudade
(feature film)

(short film)

Rainha Hortência e Magic Paula
(episode in TV serie)

A Via Láctea
(feature film)

Copa de Botão
(feature film)

Tide Gugliano

Coordinator of the finalization department

In the past 10 years, he has been working in the audiovisual sector, including in the post-production of educational videos, documentaries, TV shows, institutional videos, advertisement, videos for the internet and new medias (panels/bus TV).

He has been the coordinator of the finalization department of Miração Filmes, and the editor of the company’s main projects, such as the TV series “O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia)”.

Some of the works of Tide Gugliano

O Milagre de Santa Luzia (The Miracle of Santa Luzia)
(feature filme)

100 light years
(feature film)

(TV serie)