Moacir III (former Ópera Prima), the third and final part of the documentary trilogy, “Fortalezas”, “Moacir” and “Moacir III”, was contemplated by the Chamada Pública BRDE/FSA Prodecine 06.

The character Moacir acquired a certain fame in Argentina thanks to the documentaries that showed him: firstly admitted to the Borda neuropsychiatric hospital, in Fortalezas, and then in Moacir, already out of the institution, following his dream of recording and composing an album, with an professional musician orchestra led by Sérgio Pángaro.

Moacir III is a co-production feature film between Miração and the Angentine prodution company Duermevela that yearns to be a discursive balance between drama and documentary. We’ll see Moacir as a film director. Everything will be interleaved with scenes of the Moacir’s film production and Tomás Lipgot, the documentary director to whom Moacir tells and order his film.