Roberta Estrela D’alva has won the competition of the legendary Green Mill slam, in Chicago, where the slams were created. She received the award from the hands of its creator, Mark Smith. In this November, the performances of some of the most important slam poets of the world were recorded in Nova York by directors Sérgio Roizenblit and Tatiana Lohmman. The directors also followed the night of Mahogany Browne at the Nuyorican Poets café, where Roberta Estrela D’alva presented a poem.

Hostess and creator of ZAP! Zona Autônoma da Palavra (ZAP! Autonomous Zone of the Word), and director of the Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos (Bartolomeu Center for Testimonies), Roberta Estrela D’alva participated in 2011 of the 8th World Cup of Slam, in Paris, obtaining the third place. Tatiana Lohmman was already following the competition closely, gathering images from her adversaries from 15 countries.

The poetry slam known as ZAP! Zona Autônoma da Palavra (ZAP! Autonomous Zone of the Word),, held at the Núcleo Bartolomeu de Depoimentos (Bartolomeu Center for Testimonies) for the past five years shall have its TV version produced by Miração Filmes. This championship of the spoken word will be broadcasted in weekly episodes. The series ZAP! Zona Autônoma da Palavra, a Série, promotes a poetry slam, or simply slam, which is a rendezvous of poets in a championship of the spoken word. The first season of the series shall have 13 26-minutes episodes. Each episode shall include a segment called “Giro Slam”, with articles on slams and poetry in Brazil and the world, and a battle of poems between Brazilian poets.

Miração FIlmes is also preparing the production of a feature film on poetry slam around the world.