Knowing how important it is to create a new paradigm, Miração Filmes is producing the TV series Brazil 2050, on sustainable national projects acknowledged by the society in which they act.

The first season shall be comprised of 13 episodes already under production. The weekly episodes will be broadcasted at first on free TV, with the option of later exhibition in community TVs, cable TV networks, internet portals, among others. The second season was recently approved by Ancine and is currently in its fund raising stage. It will be a bigger season, with 52 episodes.

The sustainable actions will be covered according with the nine reference themes suggested by the project Visão Brasil 2050: Values and Behavior; Human Development; Economics; Biodiversity and Forests; Agriculture and Cattle Raising; Energy and Electricity; Buildings and Built Environments; Mobility; and Materials and Residues.

Visão Brasil 2050 is a document produced by CEBDES (Brazilian Business Council for the Sustainable Development), inspired by Vision 2050 (a prospective study released in 2010 by the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)) which indicates the main challenges Brazil faces in the nine reference themes identified as relevant for the country’s reality. From the current scenario, it tries to define how we would want the country to be in 2050 and what is the way to achieve that goal.